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We Need More Heroes

Heroes can and have played a role in the development of your character from a tender age. We tend to look up to heroes as supreme examples of the greatness that is inherent in human beings. Heroes influence and shape the lives of everyone they touch. Sometimes a hero...

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We Need More Human Dignity

I often think about what is needing to address many of the issues we face in society as multi-dimensional. There are many movements in place. They are all very good, and needed initiatives.  However, a lot of the ways many are addressing various societal problems are...

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The Elephant That Could

A baby elephant was tied to a pole at the zoo. For years she tried to break free tugging at the pole by the rope tied around her neck. She tried and tried and could never break free. Many years later, she grew to be a very big and powerful elephant. She was still tied...

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The Key to Leave The Self-Worth Roller Coaster Ride

Throughout my life I've reached new levels of achievement and success, only to find myself sabotaging or starting over. What I mean by success isn't just about business, it includes friendships, relationships, my emotional and spiritual state, and my physical health....

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The Future of Work from a Radical’s Point of View

Last summer I had this idea to find ways to bring the culture of my company, Nearsoft, out to the public.  A group of us started to put together some meetup groups to accomplish this. Before I knew it, I was part of a social movement alongside some of the world’s best...

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How I Found Fulfillment by Letting Go of Fear

Our priorities frequently become scattered and filled with conflict, as we try to juggle too much at once. I discovered that by choosing a single life’s goal, that of sharing, or giving or being of service, I’ve become better able to focus my energies and priorities....

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The Future of Work is Purpose Driven

Customer experience has become a top focus in recent years for most companies who wish to stay relevant in an ever changing and evolving world. A key requirement for improving the customer experience is understanding the customer’s past and current interactions...

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Happiness in The Workplace is Key to Success

Productive work is the foundation for all abiding happiness and earned prosperity. Everyone wants to be happy and prosperous. Productivity enhances a person’s sense of self-worth, self-esteem, accomplishment and need to make a difference. Being productive isn’t just...

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