Setting the North Star: Crafting Tech Success through Transparency and OKRs

by May 15, 2023

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In any company, it’s essential to have a guiding light, a North Star, that illuminates the path towards the goal. In the realm of technology, where rapid evolution is the norm, this becomes even more crucial. Braydan Young on “Tech Leaders Unplugged” podcast emphasizes how organizations can achieve success by setting their North Star and orienting all efforts towards reaching it.

For Young, the key metrics that define the North Star are churn, retention, and spend. These metrics, when controlled and optimized, can propel a company towards the zenith of success. The goal is to turn everyone’s attention to these figures and foster a collective obsession for them.

OKRs — The Pathway to the North Star

Objective and Key Results (OKRs) are a useful tool for navigating the path to the North Star. They provide a structured way to align everyone’s efforts in the same direction. However, Young admits, the process can be time-consuming, but the payoff is worth the investment.

Through OKRs, an organization can effectively chart its course, defining the objectives it wants to achieve (the North Star), and the key results that will indicate progress. If the company finds itself straying from these key metrics — churn, retention, and spend — it’s a signal to reassess and realign.

Agile Methodology and Transparency

The OKR system naturally aligns with agile methodology, a business approach characterized by iterative, incremental work cadences known as sprints. In this context, agility is not merely relegated to tech development but permeates the entire business. Yet, the introduction of agile may lead to initial pushback from some who could perceive it as micromanagement.

Addressing this concern requires a transparent conversation about why these strategies are necessary. Young emphasizes that joining a startup is not only about the excitement of building a company, but also about creating a long-lasting, potentially sellable, or publicly traded entity. To achieve this, a focus on key metrics, which are of prime interest to investors, is paramount.

Educating and Aligning the Team

A fundamental step in this process involves educating the team on why these metrics matter. For instance, understanding the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) or the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is crucial when raising funds, as these are the first questions potential investors will ask.

Furthermore, it’s about connecting the dots between an individual’s work and the overarching company objectives. An engineer or a product person should understand how the features they’re building or the measures they’re implementing impact the company’s metrics, ultimately driving sales and success.

Leveling Up: From Departmental to Organizational Thinking

A significant paradigm shift is required in this process, where everyone in the organization needs to level up and think as businesspeople, not just departmental workers. This shift involves understanding the bigger picture and how individual contributions fit into it.

Supporting people through this transition can be challenging. As Young explains, much of it comes down to repetition in communication, especially in a world where remote work is becoming the norm. By consistently bringing it back to the key metrics in meetings and tying it to employee reviews and promotions, a culture of organizational thinking can be fostered.

The Journey to Thriving in the Market

In summary, the journey to success in any market, bear, or bull, requires a keen focus on serving the clients, understanding their needs, managing churn, and expanding the scope of opportunities. This involves focusing on repeatable actions that allow faster movement and creating alignment in the organization through radical transparency.

All these initiatives prompt a shift from “this is my lane” thinking to “how can I impact the organization” thinking. It’s a challenging yet rewarding transition that holds the potential to take a company from merely surviving to genuinely thriving in the market.


While it may seem like a daunting task, companies like Young’s are paving the way and showing that it’s not only possible but essential to achieving lasting success. It’s about setting the North Star, using OKRs to map the journey, and fostering transparency and business thinking at all levels of the organization. The magic enablement pill might not exist yet, but with determination, education, and a clear vision, the path to tech success is certainly within reach.

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