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by Jan 3, 2022

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Today we are living in a world with a major wealth gap among people. What if we collectively worked towards eliminating and reducing the wealth gap? Financially secure people can do a lot to enable this and contribute to humankind’s needs.

A well-organized initiative in this respect can make a big difference. We can try our best to reach out and make the world a better place for all, by helping everyone achieve wealth.

Society 2045 has an ongoing series of interviews with change-makers seeking to improve the way society works.

Society 2045 is a community of people from around the world seeking to co-discover a vision for the year 2045. The goal is to connect with leaders of emerging communities and movements across society and come together to co-create a better future.

We had an interview with Alicia Castillo Holley, Founder of the Wealthing VC Club in Silicon Valley. We discussed her vision for the year 2045 and ways to improve people’s present financial condition. 

She was born in a socialist country in a small town of Venezuela, but has spent 30 years creating wealth as an entrepreneur, scientist, academic, investor, and advisor. Fun commentary is that she is on the way to being “the oldest woman to go to Mars.”

Her wealthy methods are used by international individuals to create wealth and synergy with a sense of purpose.

Innovation and Ideas

According to Alicia, people are confused about being rich and being wealthy. They must understand that wealth is a flow. We cannot block or accumulate it. She feels people have two main challenges:

  1. Feeling wealthy
  2. Feeling happy

These two challenges often conflict with each other. So, we need to find another method for creating wealth. 

Alicia created a hybrid formula that allows people to make decisions to feel inspired about investing in other people.

“Every investment is a spiritual and emotional enterprise, and it’s a process that really should make people feel fulfilled.”


People start getting confused about their participation in creating wealth. Our academic system channels people to exploit their natural talent, which leaves people completely disempowered.

We must create something based on the things we are passionate about, not just things we are good at. Then we can have happier people that would be better contributors to society.

Our business schools teach about competitive environments and not about collaboration. They teach us about managing resources and managing wealth.

“We need to create a bridge between creativity and productivity.”

Money doesn’t make people happy but worrying about money distracts us from doing things that make us happy.

Definition of Wealth

Alicia has been investing as an angel investor for 30 years. She said that lots of people invested in her, not only financially, but their time, talent, connections, and emotional support. They invested in big companies and small local environments too.

People are approaching the creation of new wealth, which is what venture capital does. By bringing these two worlds together, we can make an impact on local communities. The participants can also make an extraordinary amount of money.

Wealthy principles and ‘wealthing’ are a process of creating wealth for the benefit of society. There are two different concepts that go hand in hand.

1. Creativity and productivity

2. Passion and talent

If we are overly creative, we become inefficient and destroy our wealth. Productivity will be zero. So, while creating we must be directed towards productive results and tangible outcomes.

The same goes for passion and talent. We must invest our talent in the things we are passionate about. Only then will the output be great, and we will feel self-contented.

Reach and Domains

Alicia wants to bring this wealth method to the masses, instead of the current model of just two or three VC investors per company. She wants to create wealth for everybody and not only for certain subgroups.

People should feel proud and comfortable investing. When you are investing in an entrepreneur, you can influence the outcome. We need to be professional and mainstream participants.

According to Alicia, we need to have a better system of empowering people to be self-managed, because we are killing them by managing them. She is in the discovery of the areas where she can invest. She feels that she created a beautiful puzzle that takes shapes in different ways.

People think that investors take away power and are not collaborative. We hope to have a better mechanism to manage the flow of capital.

“Funding is not an event; it’s a process.”

We need to help people through more collaborative ownership. We hope that part of the efficiencies is going to be transferred to others. 

“We are morally obliged to bring people into a fairer world.”

Economists and lawmakers must be involved in the process. We feel that change is going to come from investors and philanthropists.

Alicia’s vision for creating a wealthier society in 2045 is groundbreaking. It will be amazing if we can achieve her vision in the coming years.

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