Why Employees with High Emotional Intelligence Thrive

by Jan 4, 2021

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Employers look for certain characteristics in potential employees. They primarily look for dependability, sincerity, teamwork, general intelligence, willingness to learn, and ability to adapt.

Among many essential qualities, emotional intelligence is a must if you value resilience and longevity from employees.

Someone may be highly qualified and experienced, but if they cannot adapt to the workplace and motivate themselves when things become difficult, such an employee will have a hard time adding value to an organization long term.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (also known as EQ or emotional quotient) is the ability to perceive, understand, and manage one’s feelings and emotions. According to the renowned psychologist, Daniel Goleman, EQ entails five core components:

Self-awareness: The ability to assess and understand your moods and emotions and their impact on those around you.

Self-regulation: The ability to keep your impulses and moods in check before taking actions.

Internal motivation: The ability to drive yourself towards set objectives on your own volition and not because of external expectation, or any kind of reward.

Empathy: The ability to understand feelings and motivations of those around you to successfully develop trust within the team and lead.

Social skills: The ability to form relationships and build networks in the community.

I will go a step further and say that EQ is also having a higher consciousness about life’s bigger picture. It’s the ability to see yourself inside of a larger collective and perceive how your actions resonate across the entire Universe.

“The highest form of emotional intelligence is connected to the super consciousness of the Universe enabling people to be interdependent.”

Benefits of High Emotional Intelligence Employees

Though people choose to believe that the emotional needs of today’s workforce are far-fetched, they are still worth investing in.

Employees with high emotional intelligence turn out to be more engaged and committed and thrive in the workplace.

There are several benefits of high EQ in employees that sets them apart from others, such as:

Better Team-Players

Employees with high EQ can communicate better. They engage in open discussions and understand the concerns of their coworkers before taking a decision.

Not only do they attain the trust of their team but are also respectful towards everyone in the workplace with a focus on strengthening bonds within the team.

These employees maintain harmony in the workplace and boost the morale of others as well. These are the team members that will be instrumental in the growth of the organization.

“When a team is working well together, the cause is shared roots in emotional intelligence.”

More Self-Aware

Employees with high EQ can assess their own strengths and weaknesses. They are also better at receiving constructive criticism from other individuals.

While other employees often overpromise and underdeliver, these employees know their capabilities well and always deliver the results they commit to.

Employees with high emotional intelligence can also adapt well to changes in the organization and provide valuable inputs in the process.

“A self-aware employee is appreciated and often is an invaluable member of the organization.”

More Self-Control

In every workplace, there are often tough situations that can be challenging for employees and leaders.

During such circumstances, it is essential to remain calm and control your emotions.

Employees with high emotional intelligence are better equipped to handle tough situations as they know that acting in a negative, provocative, or irrational way could escalate issues unnecessarily.

“Those who practice restraint, handle tough situations more efficiently.”


People with high EQ are compassionate and are always considerate towards the feelings of others.

They can read other’s expressions and understand the behavior of people around them. This is an extremely helpful skill in business and in your personal life.

Such employees can properly balance their professional life and personal life.

By showing compassion, an employee develops a strong relationship with coworkers and improves the overall motivation and reputation of the organization.

Leadership Potential

Every organization is constantly looking out for potential leaders and aims to nurture such employees in the workplace.

Such leaders respect and value their team members and significantly contribute to enhancing the productivity and profitability of the organization.

When employees with high emotional intelligence stand out in the workplace by showing empathy for others and delivering on their goals, management recognizes their roles and regards them as potential leaders.

Even recruitment firms are looking out for such talent as other organizations also want these employees to be a part of their team.

“A leader with emotional intelligence knows how to enroll people and get out of the way, so others can step into leadership.”

Every good organization recognizes and rewards its employees for their contribution. Employees with high emotional intelligence will always get highlighted in the team because of their team efforts and self-motivation.

As management realizes their potential to lead in the future, they naturally become an invaluable member of the organization and are provided every opportunity to thrive.

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