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by Jan 17, 2022

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Today, every country in the world has a dream to become the supreme world power. In the process to accomplish this, they have disturbed the ecological balance of nature.

People are fighting among themselves for the safety and security of peace. We all know in history that wars never cause harmony. War always leads to massive destruction.

Is it the right time to save our natural resources and create a more harmonious world for all?

Our earth is giving us signs that extinction could be possible. We have already seen some form of massive extinction with all the forest fires, sea levels rising to threatening levels, frequent floods, massive weather systems, cyclones, and droughts.

What is the future of our planet? What is our basic ethics towards it? How can we save living species from natural disasters?

“There is a need to replenish the ecosystem and make it a better place to live sustainably.”

Society 2045 has an ongoing series of interviews with change-makers seeking to improve the way society works.

Society 2045 is a community of people from around the world seeking to co-discover a vision for the year 2045. The goal is to connect with leaders of emerging communities and movements across society and come together to co-create a better future.

In an interview with Mark Roest, of Sustainable Energy Inc, we discussed his vision of 2045 for enabling the world to achieve energy sustainably. He did a conceptual design of environmental economics and Landis planning knowledge base for designing sustainable economies. He also did a comprehensive design lecture course by Buckminster Fuller.

The Vision

Mark wants to help make a prosperous place for people to live in harmony and revolutionary relationships. His company’s mission is to end the use of fossil fuels by 2030 providing technical and financial support to global sustainable economic designs.

His company aims to provide energy-transportation movements to fine-tune the economic relationships with nature. Also, utilizing the government’s surplus energy storage whenever renewable energy resources fall short to meet the needs.

Benefits: Manifesting Technology

Mark said we need to give up on lithium-ion and gallium arsenide batteries. These are toxic materials that are eating our earth. They have instead come up with a solar photovoltaic design that will give us 48% efficiency. This is twice as efficient as utility or rooftop solar panels and takes half of the space. The technology will make our earth clean and free from the negative impact caused by the mining processes of lithium.

The Why

We need to do our part to save the world from hazardous things. We all need a world where all species live together in harmony. We don’t want a toxic cover over us. The growing needs of the developing population can only be fulfilled by going for alternative energy resources.

If we can accomplish this plan, we can fully displace fossil fuels by 2030. His company is working on it and making 150 million kWh of battery capacity per year per factory. There are many technical complexities in this, but he is hopeful of achieving the goal.


Today 1.2 billion people don’t have access to electricity. We can make electricity efficiently, in abundance, and for everybody. We only need to work in the proper direction. If people see the profits and find it reasonable, they will go for it.

“The public tends to run after things that provide them guaranteed income and savings.”


Mark said that Buckminster had a struggling life. He once committed suicide, but later, he had invented the geodesic dome that reflected the atomic structure in nature. He designed a car steered from the rear instead of the front. It was like an aircraft in design as it was made in an aircraft factory. He inspired many scientists and researchers for compelling needs.

According to Mark, we live in a civilization that has a dominating nature. We are in a world where people don’t want to adopt things easily.

“We need to come together and work cooperatively, in order to create sustainable economies.”

Only then can we manifest good thing. For this, we will have to change personally as an individual. Several transitional movements are going on around the globe. The rich can donate their resources to people who are stripped off from using them.

Moving Forward

It is time to drive global movements together. Mark discussed that he mostly had worked with Japanese companies. They have an approach to solving global problems profitably. If the transformation of the earth is profitable, then people will do it.

He believes that if we provide people with phenomenal profits levels and finance them, they can convert away from fossil fuels. We will inform them that they can convert their old car into electric cars.

People must understand that with the use of these sustainable energy resources, we can make more savings and profits.

On a collective level, different companies, groups, and individuals, with the same approach can bring a change to the globe. Personal ideas will join, and we will be able to shape the world towards a better future.

Mark’s vision for a sustainable and economically developed society in 2045 is groundbreaking. It will be amazing if we are able to achieve his vision in the coming years. Check out the interview here: 

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