Self-Acceptance Will Supercharge Your Life

by Sep 9, 2019

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For a long time, society has demanded that we show up as good people. Do the right things and practice Godliness. The facts are that this has turned out to be an impossible expectation to fulfill. Not because we can’t be good people, and do the right things, it’s because the edict doesn’t give license to vulnerably reveal the darkness in the way of achieving the goal of being a good person.

“When we accept ourselves as a gift in the world, we begin to recognize the same in others. Whatever is external of ourselves becomes a mirror of who we are within.” 

That means that if you don’t like what is external of you, simply shift what is within you.

ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED”. Simple right? Not exactly.

There is a step that most people avoid, and that is to reveal the darkness within first. At the heart of becoming the best version of ourselves, is acceptance. While historically we’ve had the pressure to always show up as if we have it all together, for fear of retribution of judgement from others, we can’ keep avoiding or masking our darkness.

It’s important to go deeper in the darkness we are in as individuals to discover the source of it, but we have to stop judging and shaming each other for being human. We are imperfect. We discover ourselves through failures., just as science discovers things through failure.

“Failure is built into the success formula of scientific discovery, it’s no different in how we discover ourselves as human beings.”

If you have darkness within you, instead of feeling shame, or guild you could shift your context and realize that our collective consciousness has chosen you to play out the darkness so you could overcome it and create the frequency for others to do the same. This is because you are the best person among all of us, to overcome it and become a beacon of Light for the rest of us.

Let me repeat that in case it hasn’t sunken in yet. YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO OVERCOME THE DARKNESS YOU ARE IN.

“The way out of hell in life… is on the other side of it. The door is just past the point of no return… only those trusting that the door is within reach, can walk through fire and gain control over everything.”

There are two ways to overcome challenges in life.

1) You work really hard to transform yourself, and to overcome the “not so good” traits; most of us end up simply suppressing who we are, but few do actually transform “some” aspects of themselves. 

2) You accept yourself as you are, and you focus on becoming a being who bestows goodness in the world. When you are feeling bad about yourself, you are not good to you or anyone.

The first route will have you chasing your tail for years, and when you do fall (which happens in this imperfect reality) you’ll feel so bad, that you can’t focus on anything else. This has been the cause of depression, anger, resentment and all the chaos in the world for thousands of years. It all stems from lack of self-respect, self-love, self-dignity, self-honor, and lack of self-acceptance.

It’s impossible to accept others as they are when we still have traits, we don’t accept about ourselves. How can you accept other people’s traits, if you don’t accept yourself completely?

The second route shifts you into a parallel universe instantly, where you begin to accept others by allowing them to not be perfect, just like you. 

“When you accept yourself for all of who you are, you can do the same for others, and you begin to experience life’s beauty and perfection in the imperfections.”

Acceptance shifts you into a parallel Universe where bliss is the normal mode of existence… Acceptance is being present without judgment. Having trouble with self-acceptance?

Try this simple exercise and mantra. Give yourself a hung and say:

“I am great just as I am, and I love me just as I am; I extend the same to everyone around me, and allow them to accept me as I am. I can now focus my energy on emanating the love I have for myself to the entire world and allow the world to do the same in return”.

For millenniums we’ve been going in circles feeling bad about our “character flaws”, which in some ways has kept us from achieving our greatest potential as humanity.

It’s important to get in touch with our own inner ugliness, yes… this is very important, but for no other reason than to recognize it, accept it, and find love for ourselves anyway.

“How we choose to perceive ourselves, is how we experience the entire Universe.”

Our thoughts and actions generate energy; this energy multiplies and creates a frequency for others. The more we generate the energy of compassion, love, and we shed a tear for those who suffer, the more a sense of urgency will take place worldwide to do the same.

Self-acceptance isn’t just the first step to practicing emotional intelligence, it is the way to living free of shame, and free to be our imperfect selves. My recent Rant & Grow guest, Rocky Rosen is the world’s #1 smoking cessation coach (aka the cigarette whisperer) as he turns 67 he is finally embracing self-acceptance.

Check out the coaching session with Rocky and see what commitments he makes to practice self-acceptance and supercharge his life. Maybe you’ll discover some wisdom for your own life. You can listen to the podcast right here.

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