How AI can Deliver Sales Innovation

by Jan 18, 2021

We often speak about innovation as it relates to design, products, services, and people strategies. Innovation in the sphere of sales and marketing is probably the greatest opportunity of our time in any industry.

Salespeople are always racking their brains for newer techniques to help them boost sales. Everything in the world depends in some form or fashion on sales. As all markets indirectly depend on sales, there is no other growing innovation that has received hype more than (AI) artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is already beginning to deliver on its potential for extraordinary sales and it is not doing so by hampering the ability or potential of human intelligence.

“The idea that AI is going to replace people is simply not true. You cannot create innovation without human intelligence.”

Much to the disappointment (or good fortune) of the people who predicted AI was going to take over everything, you simply cannot achieve innovation without human intelligence.

Recently, scientists (also humans) have become adept at combining data and intuition to personalize the journey a buyer goes through via company sales channels.

The customer journey starts with emotions, generates a transaction, and gets supported long term by enabling the right emotions.

“AI can help quickly discover the right mix of emotional attributes that generates a transaction, only with the help of human intelligence.”

Humans are leveraging machines that work for them, including computers, to work more efficiently and integrate diverse data to cough up insights that boost growth and shirk hurdles.

These insights also help businesses understand how customers behave and help determine how behaviors can be used to their advantage.

By having knowledge of behaviors and the how-to science behind them, a business can increase sales and customer satisfaction. Customers can also get better service and experience faster more tailored support.

To keep testing the effectiveness of artificial intelligence we should stop and ponder over some of the more real-world applications.

We need to dig deeper to find out how artificial intelligence can become an integral and almost inseparable part of our lives.

It is through the journey of the emergence of artificial intelligence that we can find the answers to the plethora of questions sales analysts have had for years.

AI Symbolize Innovation in Sales

Consider a company sales representative who is not able to fulfil the requirements of a client in a given time, due to lack of know-how, or experience.

To help with this process, the company can provide access to expertise and actionable insights with knowledge base software enabled with artificial intelligence. The AI application then acts as a virtual assistant helping the representative appear more knowledgeable.

The platform can load the correct set of data at once, coughs out insights that could have been missed by a hundred analysts, and recommend the next best strategies based on those insights.

“With the help of actionable artificial intelligence, a salesperson can become unstoppable.”

When a salesperson has information based on proactive studies of customer behaviors and the ability to predict how a customer is going to react in any given circumstance, sales results can boom.

This approach accelerates sales and guides the company through a plateau. Eventually, sales teams become more effective at meeting their quota quarter over quarter, sometimes even exceeding it.

By contributing to the increase in sales through the use of artificial intelligence software, sales reps indirectly help increase the overall revenue and profit of the company.

Artificial intelligence is just one example of how innovation in sales can translate to huge increase in revenues and increase customer loyalty at the same time.

“In saturated markets with fixed number of buyers and sellers, businesses with better sales and marketing strategies win.”

Technology is leading the way towards innovation in sales and marketing. This is more than apparent to sales teams and marketing strategists of today.

More than 90% of sales leaders around the world are investing in technologies that help them engage prospects and customers.

Innovation in the sales industry is a priority for marketers and strategists and analysts around the world.

The key is connecting those technology investments and producing results that lead to quantifiable business outcomes. I am talking about results that can be seen and felt by large and small companies alike.

Competition for the best and the largest customer base is fierce. With more and more people starting up and becoming entrepreneurs, this competition is not going away anytime soon either.

Science and the Human Spirit

When people and science cooperate, astonishing things occur. Innovation is uncovered through the viewpoint of information, clearing a path for disclosure and advancement to improve business results and drive a culture of greatness.

No place is this more apparent than in the effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on business. Something beyond mechanizing work processes, AI and its subfields, for example, Machine Learning, are helping outreach groups deal with their pipeline, profitability, and with better execution.

While AI evokes fears of occupation misfortune and dehumanization, a portion of its perspectives really moves the needle towards the other way.

In deals for instance, AI supplements the human touch, empowering deals experts to scale their effort without weakening personalization when and where it is important.

It is wise to say that leveraging AI coupled with human genius creates innovation in sales, and it is the best way forward for any business.

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