Scarcity Is an Illusion

by Jun 17, 2019

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It’s tempting and easy to choose to see life as a glass half empty or half full. It’s also easy to judge having more or less, as either being full or empty. Abundance or scarcity. Are these two opposite realities something that happens in the mind, or do they manifest in real life in measurable ways?

The answer to both questions is yes. But the more important question is what comes first, the reality or the state of mind? In what order do they happen?

There are many streams of consciousness that make a strong case for whatever we manifest, first starting in the mind. Our state of being, what we focus on, our desires become reality.

I think someone who struggles with poverty, hunger, disease, and other forms of lack, is not likely to agree with the concept that he/she has manifested those things out of desire.

I am here to make the argument that we never lack anything at all. Whatever the situation we are in, there is something we are getting from it. Aware of it consciously or not, we are getting something from the circumstance we are in.

“We get energy from being in whatever situation we are in.”

We get energy from the reasons we aren’t making millions. We get energy from why we are not with our soulmate. We get energy from why we are not healthy. We get energy from anger. We get energy from sadness. We get energy from everything we choose to experience.

Why does this happen?

Because we value the situation we are in, albeit not consciously aware of it, more than the energy we would get from changing it. Breaking from poverty is hard work, it’s going all in and then some. It’s hard to break free, but not impossible.

We are materialized energy, and we are always full, it’s a matter of understanding what motivates us, but we are never at the mercy of anything outside of ourselves.

“We are the producers, directors, and actors of our own reality show — life”

Everything starts with desire, but desire without actions is just that… desire. What we manifest in our lives is a reflection of our strongest desires, conscious and unconscious, followed by our actions, voluntary or robotic.

Overcome the Need to Be Served

Energy is not static, energy is always flowing, it is either flowing to serve you in a positive way, or it is flowing to serve you in a negative way. Energy in itself has no purpose without consciousness.

“You are the source of your energy, and you are the vessel of it at the same time.”

We are either filling ourselves with outcomes that propel us forward, or we are filling ourselves with things like depression, procrastination, sadness, anger, resentment, and judgments.

Let’s call these container of energy “sabotage robots.”

“How energy flows in our lives, depends greatly on whether we are beings who like to give and serve, or beings who like to receive and be served.”

The reality is that to experience true prosperity in all aspects of our lives we need to be both, and at any given moment we are both.

My Buddhist mentor Felix, who was with the Dalai Lama and a monk for over a decade, said to me once: “Tullio to deny the animal inside you, is to deny the divine inside you.”

Our life’s purpose is to balance our animalistic consciousness with our higher consciousness. It’s a dance that if done correctly creates a balanced and fulfilled life.

Knowing that we are constantly in a state of giving and receiving, can help understand why at times we could manifest scarcity. When nothing that we perceive as good is serving us, we turn to those robots we’ve created called “sabotage.”

Our animalistic sub-consciousness reasons like this: “I can’t afford that new toy right now, because I don’t have the money working for me and therefore I don’t have the means to fill my need for happiness right now, so I am going to have sadness serve me because I need something to fill me, something to give me energy.”

There is energy in sadness, depression, anger, resentment, judgment… they are sources of incredible energy; those energy containers are not external of you, you created them and put them on reserve to come and serve you when you are feeling low on energy… so you deploy those robots who come and give you the feeling of control.

“Scarcity can be a form of temporary misdirected fulfillment, whenever we choose not to do the work needed to truly feel joy.”

This realization causes one of three things: Flight, freeze, or fight responses. Those who choose to fight, one by one begin to realize that leading a measurably productive, and accountable life as covered in one my past blog is about pouring energy outward not only into containers, but into pipes that drive the progress and improvement of humanity.

“A pipe has an entry and exit point; it is endlessly flowing. When we choose to let energy flow through us, instead of rest with us, we create synergy with the Universe.”

We create an endlessly supply of energy because we are actively sharing it, not hoarding it.

“The more you seek to be served, the more the sabotage robots are given permission to take over your life.”

When you become inner to outer directed, with the purpose of being a value creator for others, those sabotage robots begin to die. It’s kind of like when you are growing a lawn, the best way to kill the weeds, isn’t to pull them… weeds thrive on space.

You plant more healthy seeds and as the good grass thickens the weeds choke and die automatically, because you are removing space.

It’s very simple. What you give energy to determines your state of mind, and the related actions you take determine your mood. If you are not producing, you are taking.

The sabotage robots in the taking mode of operation are: One-time shots/blast of energy such as abuse of alcohol, drugs, no strings attached sex, anger, resentment, depression, doubts…

These are all intended to fill an emptiness within for that moment, but long-term emptiness cannot be filled from the outside, it can only be filled by emanating positive energy (planting more good seeds).

Fill a Void Without Filling It

When it comes to your state of being, much like the weeds in the grass growth example, you remove the space between the good energy you put out and the voids, by giving more positive energy outward.

“Only in emanating what we desire to experience, can we actually experience it.”

The voids in our lives don’t need to be filled, they need to be eliminated by creating more outwardly focused pipes of energy. If you have a plot of land that is empty, you don’t fill it with grown fruit trees, for they might live one season and die the next, you plant the seed, water it, and then you let something called nature take its course.

The seed of the trees are then rooted and participate in the process of growth in the plot of land they were planted in, they were not transplanted, and hence they can keep giving fruit, year after year.

When you create those positive energy pipes, all you do is plant the seed, and water (work towards the realization of those goals) but the actual outcome is not within your hands, the outcome already exists, just like a fruit tree is already existent within the seed.

How well the tree manifests and produces fruit is based on the farmer’s (you) actions, and then the course of nature (reality), which sustains the tree.

All around us there is energy which we are a sub-set of (reality), recognizing this principle will allow us to one by one remove the space in our lives, and stop asking the “sabotage robots” to come to our aid when we feel empty, but rather we begin to plant more positive seeds, (take more actions) realizing that we can be absolutely certain that whatever we plant, the outcome already exists in the Universal Consciousness that becomes reality.

“The reward of living a full and joyful life isn’t based on the outcomes of our actions. The reward comes in being able to play an active self-accountable role in the process.”

Being attached to the end results to be happy is a form of “sabotage robots’ we have created. Desire and action coupled with detachment is key. The way to never experience scarcity is to be proactive in your process to becoming a being of action, a giving force for the betterment of humanity, but stay detached of the outcomes.

In short, do your best, give your best. That’s all you need to do.

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