The Importance of Developing a Winning Mindset

by Mar 16, 2020

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You can change your life by changing your mindset. It is probably the most important asset we have as people, and a very powerful tool if used the right way. After studying the world’s most successful peoples like Gary Vee and Tony Robbins, you will realize that almost every successful person has an unconventional way of thinking.

They have developed a certain mindset that makes them consistent winners in their lives. It is obvious that having or not having a winning mindset is a decisively distinguishing factor that separates winners from the not in this world.

Mindset determines your attitude in any given situation. Your mind is powerful and it generates forces. You can only achieve your goal with a winning mindset. With a winning mindset you feel more confident and see challenges as opportunities, success as a step towards more success, and failures as growth opportunities to learning and developing wisdom.

Our pattern of thoughts has a profound impact on our lives. What we feed in our head reflects back in our moods, behaviors, and actions. A positive mindset with a winning attitude can take us to the horizons of success. Conversely, a fixed mindset keeps us in a comfort zone, fearing risks, failure, and embarrassments.

“Your mindset restores your belief in your abilities, capacities, and talents.”

A sure way to feel more confident about yourself, is to keep striving for small successes that can have a great impact on your self-reliance. Over time, these smaller achievements translate into your dream professional or personal life.

The great boxer Muhammad Ali says, “I told myself I was the greatest, even before I knew I was.”

Methods to Develop a Winning Mindset

Having a winning mindset doesn’t mean that you always imagine and perceive a win-win situation for yourself. You must realize that there are a lot of hurdles and almost everyone else wants to knock you out. You have to fight with all these opposing forces, let’s call them tests of your will, to achieve your goal.

“You must be aware of and willing to do the hard work to become a success.”

To put this kind of effort to developing a winning mindset, you’ll need motivation. It can be in the form of a reward or fear strong enough to keep you intact with the goal even for years if needed. For instance, an entrepreneur can stay motivated by the idea that achieving a specific goal would help the business flourish. On the other hand, the fear of failure could tarnish the business and submerge their career.

“Everyone of us is motivated by either rewards, or fear. The super successful use this self-knowledge to their advantage.”

You need to create strong momentum to keep developing a winning mindset. This momentum could be created by having a great purpose in mind. Various billionaires are working on what would be considered apparently stupid projects that most people would never think of doing. Like the “toilet of the future” project by Bill Gates.

They are working towards these projects because they have a great purpose in making the world a better place for all people.

“The altitude of your purpose defines your mindset. The greater the aim, the more you create a winning mindset.”

Another way of building a winning mindset is to push beyond your comfort zone. The stronger, tougher and better version of yourself lies beyond those boundaries. All the winners in this race of life step out of their comforts zones and take risks.

Be aware of the fact that life has only a handful of opportunities for everyone. Either you take them or lose them because you fear risk. Hence, you need to ditch your comfort zone to develop a mindset that opens doors for you.

In my latest episode of Rant & Grow, I discuss the power of a winning mindset with my special guest David Mor. He is a successful entrepreneur and host of the Level-up Podcast. David interviews entrepreneurs, like Dean Graziosi, who share their lessons from failure in order to help others avoid mistakes and develop a winning mindset.

Mindset shapes our lives. Let’s listen to what he has to say about developing a winning mindset.

Just click on the play button to listen to the podcast right here.

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