How to Become a Manifesting Machine

by Nov 2, 2020

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Have you recently lost a job or suffered personal loss? Learning to become a manifesting machine might be just what you need right now.

People talk about manifestation a lot. Manifesting your dream life, job, relationship, and every other thing. Often many people think all you have to do is dream it, desire it, and magically things will just manifest in your life.

However, the real power of manifestation is within you, and you can realize and achieve anything you take the right actions towards.

“The secret to manifestation is learning to grow as a person from inside-out rather than outside-in.”

Five Steps Towards Manifestation

My recent Rant & Grow podcast guest Valerie Gangas, is a prominent speaker, author, and life coach. Valerie spoke of a five-step process to actualize manifestation.

Step 1: Have Clarity in Your Want

Whatever you wish to achieve in life, you should have a clear vision of what it is, how you want to achieve it, and how badly you want to have it.

You simply cannot become or manifest something you are not sure of. Once you know exactly what you wish to achieve, you can then move ahead to the next step.

“Your clarity of thought will drive your will and desire to achieve whatever you want.”

Step 2: Write It Down

You must write it down in clear words and with details. You are not writing what you want just for the sake of it. If you want a car, then be specific about the make, color, and also how you will feel once you own it.

This is the push you need towards manifestation. Pour down your clear thoughts on paper. Write exactly what you want to manifest, and also write down the feelings you will experience after you achieve it.

“Connecting to the feeling you will experience achieving your goals is a critical step towards manifestation.”

Step 3: Visualize

Whatever you see on paper, try to imagine having it, dream about it when you go to sleep, and when you wake up. Pour yourself fully into your desired results. 

You are activating your subconscious mind with these thoughts. Tapping into the reservoir of this energy will put every inch of you into action.

“When your subconscious is activated, you begin to act accordingly in order to achieve your desired outcomes.”

Step 4: Have It

In step four you transform your thoughts from wanting something to having it.

When you channelize your energy towards your desire, you are forcing your consciousness into believing that you already have it.

You are not tricking your mind into believing something that isn’t there.

You are convincing your inner self to visualize that you are close to your true desire and by believing that you already have it, you are leaping into the faith where you trust yourself to actually own it.

“You’ll see it, when you believe it.”

Step 5: Take Massive Actions

The final step towards manifestation is to plan, prepare, and execute. Do your research, know the path you have to take, and then take effective actions.

If your mind is fully wrapped around the thing you want to achieve, then your efforts will complete the process of this manifestation.

Take charge and drive yourself towards your goal.

“Your mind already knows you deserve to have what you desire, so reach out and get it.”

The Hardest Step and How to Get Past It

The first step is the hardest. You may think initially that it’s easier to want something, than to go into action about it.

However, when you delve deeper and try to measure it from every angle, your desire to achieve could crumble at the thought of all the hard work needed.

Sometimes your desires change as well. That is why it is important to spend time and think about what you truly wish to achieve.

Only when you have that level of clarity and conviction, you can move on to the next step.

To understand what you truly want, Valerie says that you must trust your intuition.

Intuitions are not easy to understand. Mostly, we believe and trust what we have been told — either by our parents, friends, or society.

“Your inner self knows what you truly desire.”

Once you let go of distractions and connect with your inner self, you can hear your intuitions clearly.

The desires or wants that fade away are usually the ones that are connected to the outer world.

You may be trying to prove something or trying to live up to the expectations of your friends or family, but that isn’t something that you really want.

Let go of the fear of judgment from others — do yoga or meditate to calm your mind — and connect with your inner-self.

Distractions and chaos will turn you away from the path. Seek silence and create a comfortable space for your body and mind. See the truth for yourself and follow it to the end.

“Empower your thoughts to influence the Universe to your advantage.”

The Universe manifests what you truly believe in and guides you through the entire process.

What you feed your mind is energy, and the world around you gets impacted by that energy.

That energy then gets converted from a potential state, into massive actions that generate the outcomes that fulfill your true desires.

So, identify your true desire, believe in your abilities to visualize and act, see the manifestation of your desire in the Universe as if it’s already yours, and then take massive actions with confident to make your vision a reality.

Check out the Rant & Grow podcast episode with Valerie. Maybe you’ll discover some wisdom for your own life. You can listen to the podcast right here.

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