The Future of Work from a Radical’s Point of View

by Apr 9, 2019

Last summer I had this idea to find ways to bring the culture of my company, Nearsoft, out to the public. A group of us started to put together some meetup groups to accomplish this.

Before I knew it, I was part of a social movement alongside some of the world’s best thought leaders on culture, emotional intelligence, and leadership. The social movement is more than just a noble notion, it is the civil rights movement of the 21st century.

As we began to develop the Radical Manifesto for the movement, many of us wrote what we individually believe is needed in the workplace to inject human dignity in how work is organized.

What stood out the most, so far, is how easy we use the word work. It has a negative connotation for most people, but it does not have to. Work can be a source of pleasure, fulfillment, and excitement.

The problem with work today, is that most people have a need to be duplicitous. One way at the office, and another at home. This isn’t working to serve our needs as human beings. We simply desire to not have to “act” one way at the office, and another at home. Can’t we just be ourselves, all the time?

This is the future of work I personally believe represents the full expression of human dignity in the workplace, ohh and I am not the only one who believes this. You probably do too.


I believe in equivalence, transparency, empathy, and above all human dignity. To be a Radical is to first and foremost understand that people come first.

Radical companies are in the people-to-people business and recognize relationships as the most important aspect of business.

I believe in the principle of everything you do is who you are all the time, there is no need for duality at work and at home.

Being a Radical means being yourself all the time, no matter where you are. Being yourself means not needing to wear a mask, acting differently at work than you do when you are at home.

I believe Radicals are free people who choose to work with each other, aligned around a common purpose.

“Radicals are purpose driven who are committed to honesty, authenticity, and treating everyone as equals.”

Radicals believe the monetary value of what you do, cannot be determined by a third party, rather the worth of a Radical is established based on honest self-assessment, based on measurable value that an individual knows he/she can be delivered.

I believe companies should only have the right to terminate an employee relationship, if that employee proves to be a threat to the collective well-being, physically, emotionally, and financially.

While working for a company isn’t the same as being part of a family, employees should be supported to be successful and keeping with the belief of being empathetic and treating everyone with human dignity.

I believe when an employee is undergoing challenges in their lives, all reasonable accommodations should be made to enable them to get through it with dignity and integrity.

I believe when people take time to care for a newborn, an elderly parent, or a dying family member, that person should be afforded the time to do so without putting their job at risk.

I believe a gap in employment isn’t an opportunity for employers to lower the worth of the individual, nor should they discriminate against women or men who decided to take several years off to care for a new family.

I believe Radicals have a responsibility to be accountable to their companies by delivering value, proactively making a difference, and taking all the necessary steps to address any personal issues that may get in the way of doing so.

I believe when the individual is in trouble, the company is in trouble and vice versa. I believe there is mutual accountability needed to maintain equivalence, transparency, empathy, and human dignity.

I believe that Radicals should have the right to choose how they will deliver value on their terms, including where to work from, what hours to work, and what days to work.

I believe in values-based work output. Radicals are responsible for delivering value based on their mutually agreed expectations with the employer which align with their established monetary worth.

I believe leadership in a Radical company is a function of serving the greater good of the collective and is an earned role, not a given.

I believe hierarchy is a function of organizational value, not controls and much like leadership in a Radical company it forms organically by choice of the participants.

I believe authority is shared in a Radical company, and decisions are decentralized across all functions.

I believe the roles of market facing roles such as the CEO, CFO, and other key C-Suite executives are decided by the collective of the Radicals and determine in a democratic way, by a majority quorum.

I believe that the cornerstone of being a Radical is leadership development, and in the spirit of equivalence anyone in the organization can run to be elected for a key market facing C-Suite role for a period of time determined by the collective, or until such individual is removed with human dignity from that role, not from the company, due to lack of confidence by the collective.

I believe that Radicals have the right to be happy, and find fulfillment in what they do, and therefore should openly be able to change roles within a company, as long as there is accountability to the tenant of creating and delivering value.

I believe that Radicals need to act as owners and actively participate in the co-creation of the well-being of all company members, which includes the financial health of the company, purpose of the company, and contribution to the betterment of humanity.

I believe Radicals have a responsibility to give back to the community, and the purpose of a company is to add value to society by offering products and services that make the world a better place.

I believe Radicals are socially responsible in their pursuit for profits and actively find ways to help those less fortunate, with money, time, and training.

Being a Radical is a way of life that embodies the human spirit founded on belonging, the need to be productive contributors to the well-being of the human experience, and above all love for all people and human dignity.

I believe in embracing all people regardless of race, color, gender, beliefs, lifestyle, education, and economic background, and that all people have a right to pursue their own fulfillment.

Radicals align around purpose not organizations. I believe organizations are part of an old paradigm based on a command and control scheme that does not serve for the betterment of humanity. Patriarchy, as well as matriarchy are based on controls, not shared authority; both have failed to serve the needs of people.

I believe organizations need to be replaced by alliances, or partnerships centered around agreed to common interest purpose. I believe that the ownership of one’s own future is in their own hands.

I believe while no one owes anyone anything, interdependence is natural and healthy when it’s centered around the principle of equivalence, freedom, and human dignity.

I believe Radicals are not fixed on rules, and principles, but rather uphold the main tenet of human dignity above all else. It is this guiding tenet that gives license to evolve, and to be flexible.

I believe the concept of the organization is outdated and no longer serves the need of an evolving human experience towards a more loving, compassionate, equivalent and empathetic world.

I believe in radical transparency, whereas an employee has the responsibility to disclose their long-term aspirations, and the company can gain value from the skills of the employee but can also support the employee to develop the gaps in skills needed to achieve such long-term aspirations.

I believe employees should be considered and treated like a customer, bringing us back to one of the main Radical beliefs that developing lasting and valuable interdependent relationships is the purpose of all existence.

“It is a basic human right to be treated with dignity in all dealings of life.”

With a shift of context from a company doing business with consumers, or with another company to people doing business with people, and people hiring people, instead of the company hiring people, I believe this will create a more dignified existence for the entire world.

Instead of identifying a business as B2C or B2B or B2B2C, why not just be in the people-to-people business? I believe future generations will adopt these Radical ideas.

They are only Radical because they are contrary to a system in place that is based on the concept of self-sacrifice, which has not served humanity very well. You can read more about that in my previous blog.

What do you believe is needed to improve the future of work?

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