Society 2045’s Vision for a Human Centric Future

by Feb 28, 2022

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The world we live in is home to several species that coexist on a planet that supplies all that we need to thrive. However, the human species has not been so kind to our planet in the recent century, which begs the questions: How can we have a promising future, considering the mess we are currently in?

This is the topic of a recent Society 2045 interview. Society 2045 has an ongoing series of interviews with change-makers seeking to improve the way society works.

Society 2045 is a community of people from around the world seeking to co-discover a vision for the year 2045. The goal is to connect with leaders of emerging communities and movements across society and come together to co-create a better future.

In an interview with Doug Breitbart, a card-carrying member of the New York bar, we discussed developing visions from across the world to building an excellent future for the year 2045. Doug Breitbart is a speaker, musician, transformation consultant, lawyer, and the Co-founder, Principal at Being in Systems LLC, and 2BElemental LLC.

It Starts with You

To be able to envision a better future we must first ask: What does our world look like? What do we want it to look like? Do we want it to be human-centered, founded on plenty, rather than fear and scarcity?

We all desire a future based on love and abundance, with everyone in service to themselves, to each other, and the planet. We wish for everyone to be pulling in the same direction, caring for and in service to the collective.

The ideal future according to Doug cannot be based on scarcity, and competitiveness in addition to artificial self-generated injustices.

“A better future starts with our personal mindset and the intimate relationship we have with our surroundings, founded on respect and love.”

The Vision

Every fundamentalist believes that their well is the only one with water. But unfortunately, they also feel that everyone else’s well has poison. According to Doug the problem is figuring out how to accept the entire river, which results from how we work on integrated consciousness.

We understand how to merge consciousness. It’s only that each group is attempting to mix awareness for themselves rather than for the totality of the entire ecosystem.

The Current Scenario

Most of us understand that everything will be measured at some point, but Doug believes it is less understood how this will make us less free. For the last century or two, we’ve been moving toward a society in which we incur rising expenses due to other people’s actions.

People, and organizations need to stop and ask themselves: What are we in service to do, and what needs are we attempting to fill? Are we generating one value at the price of another, implying that it is extractive or destructive?

The Main Course

Doug describes how he and his colleagues have a wide range of product offers spread among three separate corporations, two of which share the same concepts. These were deliberately crafted to bridge the gap between their aims and how the business world wants to feel when they purchase advisory services.

As a result, they’ve built a lot of bridges. For example, the foundation of the value provides a service known as a values audit. During the contracting phase is when the transforming power begins. They have an extremely high bar for clients to clear, in order to work with them, with all kinds of rules and conditions that are meant to safeguard the internal staff.

The Problem

When you remove the traditional hierarchy-based leadership within organizations, you also remove the command and control authority. What you end up with is a shared-authority model that significantly adds value because it has become the nervous system for supporting, monitoring, and assisting the flow through the company by being in between all the moving and living pieces.

“Too many decisions hinge on a few people in charge, rather than a collective consciousness of the wisdom that comes from a multitude of people.”

The Solution

In a shared authority-based society all the artificial and self-created scarcity and inequity are gone. It becomes an all of us or none of us mindset sharing one planet which we collectively take care of.

We end up with a healthy regenerative planet to spark a global awakening that reconnects people to their humanity. When we approach everything in life with awareness, we may make a difference as a society by becoming more sensitive to each other’s differences, needs, goals, and human faults.

Doug’s vision for a positive human-centric tomorrow is groundbreaking. It will be amazing if we can achieve his vision in the coming years. Check out the interview here:

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