Living a Meaningful and Fulfilling Life Requires Purpose

by Apr 23, 2019

On September 11th, 2016 my third child Livia Grace entered the world to remind me of what truly matters in life. September has always been a special month to me, a month of new beginnings. While the 11th of September is filled with ill history, especially since I was there in NYC on that dreadful day and saw it all with my own eyes, the meaning on 9/11 changed for me many years later, when my daughter was born on that day.

I started my professional career on Sept 9th, 1989. After a rather nonstop career for 27 years, I decided to give myself some time to be totally present for the arrival of my new daughter by taking a long deserved and needed break. I enrolled at Cornell to polish up some skills via a certificate program. One of the companies I took from Series A to Series B got acquired for close to $200MM, and that made it more financially feasible to take a break too.

Some could argue that this wasn’t much of a break, since I also went on to be the co-founder of a services company that ended up growing rather rapidly. I didn’t go into any of my initiatives with any sense of urgency or stress. Taking a break to me, meant refocusing my energy and time towards more family time.

Taking this so call break paid off in many ways, but what I reconnected to during my little sabbatical was and still is priceless.

“You must have a higher purpose mission in your life, for your life to be truly fulfilling”

What is a higher purpose mission? A higher purpose mission is different for everyone, and it’s really no one’s place to judge what yours should or should not be. You figure out what it is by first understanding what you are really good at, and second by understanding what you are passionate about that isn’t about you.

Passion isn’t purpose

Many confuse purpose with passion. You can be passionate about many things, and most of them are about you. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact focusing on yourself is not only healthy but it’s the only way you can care about others too as I mentioned in a previous article.

Purpose is about your legacy, a legacy that impacts others, it’s about fulfilling something greater than yourself, it is about your calling in life.

There are some things I’ve become really good at in my life, one of which is being an exceptional father. When it comes to fathering, I am able to tap into an endless supply of being in service, and compassion, patience, loving discipline, encouragement and empowerment.

I can’t historically say the same about being a husband, it’s not been easy for me being a husband, and I have the expense of divorce to prove it, worth mentioning is also how incredibly expensive it can be not being good at something. Divorces translates to lots of money gone!

That being said, I finally figured out how to transfer the fathering skills into being a good husband too. It took me a while, but I got here. As it turns out being of service, compassionate, patient, loving, encouraging, and empowering works with every single relationship in life; it’s a proven formula.

Over the years I’ve become exceptionally good at leading people to believe they can accomplish more, and I am generally able to enroll people to do more and grow as professionals and individuals as a result. I’ve done this both professionally, and as a volunteer mentoring and inspiring leaders in an organization devoted to improving the lives of men and their families, and communities they serve.

My single greatest source of joy in life is when I see and hear from someone, I took under my wings years ago, become a C level executive, having a family, and contributing values to society. It makes me feel like I am living a life worth living.

What I connected to during my break through some introspection, and with the wisdom of close friends and mentors is that the context I embody when being a father serves not only my children, but serves me well as a man, as a husband, as a business leader.

By staying in a context of service and compassion, patience, discipline, encouragement and empowerment as I do with my children, I become an awesome husband to my wife and an even better leader in my community and career.

Who knew that raising children would bring out the best of me, and that I could apply this into every aspect of my life?

For a long time, I believed my mission was to build successful businesses — and I’ve done that seven times, and after my little sabbatical I was so ready and fired up to do it again in an even bigger way.

I found my tribe, my home, my calling within Nearsoft, which is an amazing company that believes in freedom and equivalence and above all treats people with human dignity. The core company values align with who I am at my core — someone who believes people should aspire to fulfill their calling in life.

I don’t think I would have finished my soon to be published third book (Emotionally Aware Leadership), had it not been for the encouragement I received from the people I work with. I don’t think I would be part of the social rights movement of the 21st century, had it not been for the people I work with.

“You have to surround yourself with people who share similar purpose as you do, and above all people who encourage you and believe in you.”

My higher purpose mission in life is to be a source of empowerment. I believe humanity suffers from a dreadful virus, a disease, a silent killer or dreams and hope. Low self-worth is an epidemic. It is my purpose and mission to provide as many people as I can reach the elixir to the self-worth roller coaster ride.

Someone recently asked me what do you think your best qualities as a professional are? I simply answered, to help people believe they are awesome.

My higher purpose mission is to empower everyone I come in contact with to be awesome. The canvas of my mission is not just my children, it is my wife, my friends, my colleagues, my clients, my book readers, and all those I come in contact with, maybe even you reading this post.

What is your higher purpose mission in life?

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