How to Get Real about Your Potential

by Apr 19, 2021

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Getting real with yourself and the kind of person you are takes a lot of courage and determination.

It is not always easy to muster up the courage and the boldness to confront the reality about yourself. 

“Getting real takes a lot of guts and the ability to be powerfully vulnerable.”

When people do realize who they are and accept themselves in that way, they give themselves time and energy to realize their own potential to change their own life and by extension, change the world.

In my recent Rant & Grow podcast with Wayne Sutton, who is a coaches’ coach we took a look at how you can increase the chances of success in your life by getting real about your potential.

“It’s exponential what we can accomplish when we recognize that we can change our own life and help somebody else change theirs.”

How to Get Real with Yourself

When people realize what is going wrong with their lives and how they need to do something to change it completely, there is some sort of a bias or heuristic that they are confronted with.

It is a tiny voice in their head that says that you have always been this way and that you will never be able to change. That tiny voice your enemy.

When you realize what you have to change, you have to make sure that it is not your own mind and your own rationale that is holding you back.

When you listen to your own biases and just resign to your own narrative fate and let things take their course, you are giving yourself the idea that you are unable and unwilling to change in the first place.

“Free yourself from your own biases, they are what hold you back from growing, not other people.”

This is the kind of self-talk that is a manifestation of your ego running amuck: “Can I really go out there and do this? I don’t do well in this area.” This self-talk is a red flag warning code word for “I’m lazy and I don’t really want to do what it takes.”

Question Everything

From the moment you are born you are told and coached by other people in your life.

Other people tell you what to believe, what you have to do, what your limitations and faults are, what you are good at, what you should be good at and what you should aim to be in life.

“As an individual you need to realize who you want to believe and what you want to believe.”

You have to let your own thoughts and own rationale guide your life. That is when you start to take decisions by yourself and think on your own about what is right and what is not.

Wayne said in the Rant and Grow podcast “You have to question everything about your identity. Why you believe what you believe, and what really matters to you not Society.”

Admit Your Wrongs

Thinking for yourself can be dangerous if you aren’t paying attention to your ego. Ego is the enemy in most people’s lives. When you think that you are always right and that nothing you do is incorrect or wrong, you close yourself to growth and opportunity to learn.

It is only by accepting with humility your ability to be wrong that you can start to open up to the large world both outside and inside you and expose yourself to real growth.

When you realize that not everything you know is true and that it is not healthy for you to think that way, you get real about your potential to become a better person.

“It is recognized that you can be a great coach and still need a coach. You can be a great dad and still need lessons on how to be a dad. You can be a great whatever and still learn.” ~ Wayne Sutton

This is how you can give yourself the benefit of the doubt and start to realize your true potential in life. When you open yourself up to growing you really become ready to change, you finally realize who you are and what you are capable of.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says at that point because you have become independent of their thoughts.

In my recent Rant & Grow podcast, I spend some time with Wayne Sutton as a guest. Wayne is known as the Coach of Coaches! It took Wayne a while to find success. Seemingly stuck in jobs that were draining his soul, Wayne made a bold decision, and set out to create a better life for him and his family, and he is sharing how to do it with others. In this episode we explore how to be real about achieving your fullest potential.

Just click on the play button to listen to the podcast right here.

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