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by Nov 1, 2021

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In the business world developing trust and building relationships is key to creating a great workplace environment.

However, most humans rely on a piece of paper for building relationships.

You might be saying to yourself that a relationship isn’t built on a piece of paper, and you would be correct. But what is a contract? Is it not a formalized relationship?

“Everything we do in business is about people. Every organization is in the people-to-people business.”

This past summer, Society 2045 had a series of interviews with change makers seeking to improve the way society works.

Society 2045 is a community of people from around the world seeking to co-discover a vision for the year 2045. The goal is to connect with leaders of emerging communities and movements across society and come together to co-create a better future.

In an interview with Glenn Meier we talked about the future of the business world. Glenn is progressive lawyer and a Conscious Contracts practitioner.

It’s About Trust

Glenn Meier has been associated with different law movements of the business world, and he has experienced that the business communities can act as a “force for good movement” in society.

It can drive people-to-people relationships to a path where trust will be the driving force.

Today, on analyzing business scenarios, we find that partners believe in the proposals framed by lawyers rather than trusting the partners for resolving issues and forming agreements.

Most people need the “security” of the legal framework for handling any workplace disputes. Over 80% of people related to the business world agree that their biggest fear is “protection,” protection of their rights, their money, and even their ideas. For which they want a legal framework to be set up before any deal with anyone or any organization.

“At the end of the day, the purpose for legal agreements is to establish enforceable trust between people.”

Conscious Contracts™

The solution to the trust issue is much needed. Glenn practices Conscious Contacts in dealing with such issue.

We cannot completely eradicate the fear of security of people by just proposing an idea. The need for a legal contract is still there. We can at least add consciousness in contracts before taking disputes directly to court.

Conscious Contracts make people aware of their power to resolve minor disputes. The Conscious Contracts process leads both parties to sit and have an effective conversation over the topics being disputed before entering the courtroom. It governs the relationship between the parties in the most amicable way.

The benefit of collaborative talking is that trust does not simply rely on a piece of paper; rather, it leans on the people working together as a team, as trusted partners.

Humanizing Law

Trust is the basic element for building long-term relationships. Trust contains a lot of potential that redirect the company’s future towards a successful trajectory.

However, we need to understand that trust is not fixed. Both parties need constant engagement to retain the trust and formal connection. We cannot say I trust you, with no connection between the parties. It is a formal process that needs an ongoing relationship.

When it comes to business relationships, they are not much different that romantic love-based relationships. You need to work at it daily and proactively to sustain the trust and intimacy needed to thrive for the long haul.

Conscious Contracts give you the window that allows the breezes of air to sustain trust in the relationships. It leads the business world to an intentional and aware approach to relationships. You behold all the rights as an individual yet understand the power of humanity and togetherness in the system.

The Problem

Problems lie in the framework of the system. We all agree on the point that we need a change in the system. But we do not actively support to change it.

All the powerful people are sitting on the top and governing the system for their benefit. Yet, we are not in the position to raise a voice against it directly. They are limiting the effectiveness of collaboration by developing the fear of being left out.

Therefore, cancel culture is pervasive. It’s not about cooperation and collaboration. Cancel culture is about compliance and conformity.

Not only this, but our philosophical aspects are also getting affected by toxic scenarios. People are not ready to sit and listen to the other side of the story. Humanity has lost its way because of this.

The Solution

Together, we can actively join hands and take baby steps forward to deal with the present challenges of making society a better place to work.

“Consciously handling problems is the key to building trust in the workplace among people.”

Together we can make a change as a society for a better tomorrow, by being more consciously aware of each other’s differences, needs, aspirations, and human imperfections. When we do everything in life with consciousness, we remember that we are one human family. A loving family always takes care of each other.

Glenn’s vision for a more conscious society in 2045 is groundbreaking. It will be amazing if we are able to achieve his vision in the coming years. Check out the interview here:

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