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by Aug 16, 2021

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It’s back to school and back to the office for many people. Parents are worried about child care. Employers often compete to attract great talent with benefits, and perks.

Employers should not overlook huge transformations in their employees’ lives, such as the birth of a child or caring for a sick child, as work and personal time become more intertwined. How can businesses support working parents to recruit and retain the best talent?

It’s a great beginning to provide family-friendly perks and policies, but it’s not enough. An on-site child care benefits program can have the most favorable impact.

Working parents today have a difficult time finding dependable and convenient child care. Offering daycare at work is an often-overlooked option.

It is a Win-Win for Everyone

The advantages of on-site daycare are massive for both the employee and the company. When an employer provides child care, it shows that they value their employees and deserve the convenience of having a daycare center on-site.

This provides a platform for high staff motivation, which benefits the company’s growth as well.

Better Engagement and Productivity

According to a poll conducted by Bright Horizons, an on-site child care provider, 90 percent of parents who use a full-service on-site daycare center claim increased concentration and productivity at work.

An employee’s focus is on the task at hand and not on anything else. Employees who have access to on-site daycare can meet their requirements, keep an eye on their children throughout the day, and work with less psychological distress.


The three most essential factors that influence workplace engagement are trust and kindness, followed by autonomy. These three traits are instilled in employees by providing on-site child care.

Furthermore, it provides your staff with a level of convenience and flexibility that would not otherwise be feasible.

Millennials Seek Jobs with On-Site Child Care

Millennials are said to be excellent planners, even though many do not yet have children. Child care is an essential requirement in their employment search. As a result, providing child care now could help you attract exceptional talent in the future.

Post Maternity Needs

Working parents can attend an early morning meeting or remain late for a late-evening meeting knowing that their child is safe and secure.

Around 90% of new parents claim that jobs with child care make it easier for them to return to work without any hassles.

Thanks to family planning alternatives and modern healthcare, mothers are now waiting longer to have their first child. This indicates that they are approaching motherhood while still serving in senior positions.

As a result, child care will appeal to employers seeking to keep a valuable portion of their labor force that they cannot afford to lose.

Working Mothers

To working moms, children, as well as their occupations, are critically important. Most of today’s homes have mothers who are the primary breadwinners. That’s a sizable chunk of the workforce you can’t afford to overlook.

Dads Making Parenthood a Priority

We must not overlook working fathers. They, too, place a high emphasis on family and taking care of it. Child care considers the reality of today’s modern dads, who are just as committed to making parenthood a priority as women. They’re just as interested in employment that provides on-site daycare.

Emotional Security

Employees’ personal life has an impact on the workplace because of the emotional baggage they bring. Failure to acknowledge this link harms the workplace, which is where in-house daycare can help.

It can also aid in the reduction of tardiness and stress related to separation anxiety. Furthermore, children in the workplace can contribute vitality and cheer while also providing employees with a reassuring environment.


From the standpoint of employee satisfaction, having an on-site child care center is a tremendous bonus. Even those who do not use it profit since their co-workers are happier and more reliable due to the presence of a center in the workplace.

It will drive the company forward in the right direction if everyone works in perfect coordination and with greater loyalty.

While affordable on-site child care is a strong perk, especially in a job seeker’s market, some businesses find it difficult to provide on-site child care benefits. To begin with, the expense and infrastructure of a daycare facility are enormous. Another concern is the liability that comes with supervising little children who aren’t exposed to many risks.

Companies can, however, partner with a variety of daycare providers. They can provide an in-house center as well as a location close to the office. You could also consider providing subsidies or alternate child care options.

Daycares come at a cost, but the benefits appear to outweigh the expenditures, with higher returns on investment. Furthermore, the decision to give child care facility jobs should be carefully considered to guarantee that everyone’s requirements are addressed.

Even in the best of circumstances, child care may be costly and difficult for working parents. Companies that are smart and empathetic know this and help their employees navigate this minefield. They recognize the importance of on-site child care benefits in retaining employees. 

Helping employees with child care isn’t simply the right thing to do; it’s the wise thing to do.

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