How to Use Brain Rewiring to Overcome Blockages

by May 17, 2021

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Experts have yet to discover the limits of the brain’s abilities. Some believe we may never fully grasp them all. But the data does support the existence of one of its most significant processes: brain-rewiring. It can help your brain relearn, by repairing old pathways or creating new ones.

On the recent Rant and Grow podcast, I had a seasoned climber and experienced business mentor who is also a certified brain rewiring coach- none other than Chelsea Murn. We talked about how you can use brain rewiring to overcome blocks and obstacles in your life and business.

What Is Brain Rewiring?

Neuroplasticity is the significant, scary technical term for brain rewiring. It simply refers to how a human brain can understand the need to restructure and adapt to changing times. 

In simpler terms, it essentially merely means how the brain can continue developing and evolving throughout the multiple phases of a person’s life. It is used to treat traumas, depression and other problems that stem from low self-esteem, and self-worth.

“Brain rewiring helps us get down to the core of our limiting beliefs, so the things we learn about ourselves from a young age that don’t serve us as adults, can be changed.”

What Is the Process of Brain Rewiring?

The first step to brain rewiring is identifying what is going on in an individual’s mind about themselves that needs to change to boost confidence. Usually, it stems from people not feeling worthy. 

After you pinpoint precisely which story is negative and acts as a trigger, you can work on changing this narrative into something affirming. You can identify working patterns and try various tools to look at yourself in a different light.

“This is what I want my story to look like; these are the patterns, habits, the limiting beliefs that I’m going to start to change because they’re not serving me anymore.” ~ You

Methods of Brain Rewiring to Overcome Challenges

In the words of Chelsea Murn, brain rewiring can be done in various ways, some of which have been briefly described here, along with a few activities that people can practice daily.


Aspiration is one of the most basic human tendencies. Being motivated to achieve something in the future keeps us striving hard and gives us a sense of purpose and direction. 

Along with Chelsea Murn, various experts have suggested that when a person practices visualizing future events that they want to live, it helps them cope with negative experiences of the past. 

For entrepreneurs, especially, it is seen how they can better achieve their goals when they lock it in place for their future and make the vision a reality. This activity instills confidence and clarity in the mind.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl Jung

Shadow Work

While the famous Car Jung saying teaches us that we must always focus on the brighter side of human personalities, we must also accept that everyone has certain insecurities and experiences that they do not showcase to others. It becomes their dark shadow. 

The fundamental basis of shadow work is acknowledging that the shadow exists, rather than saying life is all cherries.

We are taking aspects of ourselves that we have deemed unacceptable, unworthy… and we hide them into a ‘shadow’… Where you start your shadow work is to look at the things that trigger you.

Life is a constant contrast of the good and the bad, and they are both equally important. Identifying triggers such as anger, depression, dependence etc., is the first step to shadow work. 

Confronting these shadows head-on, to work them out can be uncomfortable but worth it. Journaling, therapy, meditation and other forms of introspection are necessary. It results in better relationships with others and inner-self, peace of mind, increase in confidence and prevention of self-deprecation.

Commitment to Physical Well-Being

Physical health and mental health are intricately woven together. Apart from looking fit and having stronger muscles, physical activity is scientifically proven to have massive positive impacts on the brain. 

It can lead to the release of many happy hormones like serotonin. It is beneficial to cognitive abilities, logical reasoning and memory, and the ability to create stronger social bonds with people. Working out gets directly connected with neuroplasticity since it increases blood flow and cell growth while eliminating depression. 

You must exercise, at your pace, at least four days a week to keep your entire body healthy.

Let the Creative Juices Flow!

Creating any form of art — sketching, musical instruments, journaling and scrapbooking- or anything else that expresses your emotions and personal experiences is always recommended. 

You then have a better understanding of yourself, and it’s a big step towards introspection that is essential for brain rewiring. Such artistic ventures highlight avenues in your personality that you can explore and grow. 

Scientific research also shows how art can help in strengthening cognitive and social abilities that may be completely unrelated.

“Your feelings are valid; everything that you want will happen for you. Don’t let anybody make you small or make you second guess what you want.”

The bottom line remains that brains can be recovered from negativity if given space and time. You can overcome these blocks better by learning from the past and proactively healing traumas. You must recognize how you feel and what are the things that make you feel that way.

Listening to this week’s Rant and Grow podcast with Chelsea Murn, will open your eyes on how to leverage brain rewiring techniques to propel yourself forward in life and business.

Chelsea Murn is a climbing coach, brain rewiring certified coach and business mentor for those wanting major change in their lives. She uses tools like brain rewiring to help her clients grow their businesses, improve their lives, create more time, location, and financial freedom. When not climbing she can be found hosting her podcast Lady Beta.

In this episode we explore how to overcome blockages in business by using brain rewiring techniques. Just click on the play button to listen to the podcast right here.

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